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Company Overview
BIG FARM is a benchamark of PT AKSI in high quality processed meat products
PT Aneka Konsumsi Selera Internasional (PT AKSI) was established in 2015 with the vision and mission to provide nutritious, innovative, delicious, and hygienic processed meat which meets international standards in an affordable price.

In this modern days technology, PT AKSI puts together team of chefs, RnD and consumers to provide education and information about how to cook and handle good meat products such as sausages, smoked meats, meatballs, etc; so consumers could get the maximum result in their cooking application.
Fresh & natural
What Make us
Meat & Spices are
the main ingredients
What we do in BIG FARM's products is we skip all industrial method and back to basic where as meat and spices are the main ingredients.
So what we get is natural taste of meat and perfect secret blend of spices, garlic and natural smoked process.
BIG FARM products characteristic is a coarse grind meat with heapfull of garlic, onion, perfect blend of spices, then stuff to casing and smoked to perfection.
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